b&w fourÆ’(sager).jpgNear Eid-Gah Mosque, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002

I met this boy outside the Eid-Gah Mosque in Kabul. He is a young entrepreneur, a fruit seller. When I took this shot, he was propping up his chin with his elbows on the cart.

This is a picture of somebody who has said, “I’m not going to give up. I’m going to think  of a way to make money and move forward.” I took this photograph because even though he’s selling fruit in a place that’s surrounded by tremendous destruction with people walking around missing limbs, you can see the smile in his eyes. You can fake a smile with your mouth, but there’s no faking that smile in his eyes.

Giving someone hope can sound like a cliché, but my experience is that hope isn’t just nice, it’s a game-changer.